The PMB Video Library - Crank Up The Speakers (don't worry about the Librarian)

Welcome to the PMB Performance Video Library!  The goal is to have a one stop shop for all of the excellent 914 videos from around the web.  We've included all of the videos related to PMB on one page.  Frances and the Tinkergineering team are well represented with their awesome videos and we've gotten with Ian Karr and incorporated all of his 914 videos on a few more pages.  There's more to come!  Have a look around and "by all means" let us know if you have another video we need to add to our "Videos From Around The Web" section!

PMB Videos

Looking for videos on or about PMB Performance? Need some caliper how-to advice?  Want to build your own killer calipers? Want to check out our Student Racing teams progress?  Click the picture or the link below for a look inside.

Click Here for PMB Performance Videos

Tinkergineering Videos

Frances is a phenom! This awesome young lady saved her own money and bought a 914EV project.  Have a look inside and see where this journey has taken her.  Of course, the 914 community has welcomed her with open arms but... wow!  There's some fun stuff in here!! Click the picture or the link below to get to know Frances and her amazing project.

Click Here for Tinkergineering Videos

Ian Karr's 914's For Newbies

Ian Karr is a national treasure when it comes to 914 videos.  A talented producer during the day, Ian's love for the 914 and his knowledge of the camera shines through.  Whether you're just getting started or a seasoned professional, Ian's got something for you.  Click the picture or the link below to get started on your 914 journey.


Click Here For Ian Karr's 914 for Newbies Videos

Ian Karr's 914 DIY Videos

We've consolidated all of Ian's "DIY" videos in one place.  Throw a bag of popcorn in the microwave and have a seat.  If you're a 914 owner you'll want to know the ins and the outs of many of these common repairs... even if you're not going to do it yourself!  Click the picture or the link below to start your journey.

Click Here for Ian Karr's DIY Videos

Ian Karr's Engine Build Videos

Next up, Ian takes up "mechanic'n" as he shows you how to build your Type 4 motor the right way.   Ian hits the streets and gets interviews and advice from the builders as he works his way through an engine build.  Click the picture or the link below to start your journey.

Click Here for Ian Karr's Engine Build Videos

Ian Karr's Bumblebee Videos

Ian got himself a Bumblebee project.  Follow along as he takes his prize from roller to rocket ship.  This series hits home with many a 914 owner who purchased their pride and joy with just a little "elbow grease required". Click the picture or the link below to start your journey.


Click Here for Ian Karr's Project Bumblebee Videos

Tanner Seymour Videos

Tanner's a local treasure from right here in the Salt Lake Valley.  His expertise is only rivaled by his passion for Porsches and other makes.  Check out his amazing videos and documentaries on car guys from around the globe.  

Click Here for Tanner Seymour's Videos

Videos From Around The Web

Here's a bunch of awesome 914 videos from around the web that we stumbled upon.  It's so amazing to see all of the love, adoration and sheer enthusiasm displayed by all of our fellow 914 nuts from all over the world.  From vintage ads to amazing interviews and reviews, here's your on-stop video shop. Click the picture or the link below to start your journey. 

Click Here for Awesome 914 Videos From Around the Web