About Us

In 2004 PMB Performance started with a single pair of Porsche 914 rear calipers. There was a need... that need was filled. Those calipers sold in 15 minutes and the rest is history.

Actually, it began in 1975, with Eric Shea turning wrenches on rusty VW’s in a cold Michigan garage. After saving, rebuilding and restoring countless VW Beetles and Type 1 motors the progression to a Porsche 914 came naturally. And of course, if you’re a Porsche owner, a 911 is next on your list of must haves. "Car Guys" (and Gals) at heart, if it has four wheels, chances are we'll find something to love about it.

After restoring a number of Porsche 911's and 914-6's (our previous -6 landed a spot in the Porsche museum at Silverstone in the UK), we became intimately familiar with the plating processes and knew what was needed to make a top-notch restoration of the various mechanical bits and pieces (read: brake calipers). We put that knowledge to use "filling that need" for perfectly restored brake calipers. That's why we say "We don't rebuild... we restore" and for good reason.

Brake calipers need to be restored. After a period of time the sacrificial zinc plating begins to wear off and the calipers can then begin to rust beyond repair. Not something you would want to have happen to your brake calipers. Our process takes the calipers through the exact same steps they went through the day they were created. Media blasted to bare metal, each casting gets a full dip in the zinc bath, refreshed with factory seals and the pistons are vibratory polished and resurfaced to be ready for decades more use. We honestly believe these are the finest replacement calipers available for your vehicle today...

But, don't take our word for it... ask our friends at Pelican Parts and Sierra Madre Collection. They supply PMB Performance calipers to their customers. Check in with our red headed Ferrari friends at T. Rutlands; you'll find more PMB Performance calipers there. When you get a chance, ask Magnus Walker, Jay Leno or John Willhoit what calipers they have on their cars. Check the message boards and ask who they recommend. We're fairly confident you'll hear the words PMB Performance over and over again.

What do we do for fun? THIS IS WHAT WE DO FOR FUN!!! Admittedly stuck in the 70’s, we have a passion for all things GT and RS. You'll find us playing with our 911 RS or 914-6/GT on the beautiful mountain roads that surround our Salt Lake City, Utah home. It's in our blood...

...let us show you what we can do for your passion.