Awesome Videos From Around the Web

Here's another exciting (for us 914 guys) Jay Leno's Garage episode.  Randy Pobst shows Jay around the factory 914-6/GT. Being only one of sixteen, Randy Pobst extolls the virtues of this 914/6 GT and tells Jay that he passed a GT2 RS at Laguna Seca.

Porsche Explains Brake Squeal:

You've always wondered what caused that pesky brake squeal.  Here's the gospel direct from the source.  Porsche themselves delves into the technical details around brake squeal

Tyler Hauptman's 914 Hagerty Video (great job Tyler!):

We love this video because Tyler loves this car and it shows.  Pure 914 passion.  Great drive.  Great Car. Great video.


Introducing the Porsche 914

PCM Sportscar & Classic Specialist Ben Musu introduces the mid-engine, two seater sports car in this showcase video

We're always adding and looking for more cool 914 videos!  If you have a "Must See" suggestion, send it our way!