Painted Caliper Restoration

Let’s talk about the dos and don’ts and rights and wrongs of painting calipers.

Our friends at Brembo® are the hands down leaders in painted calipers.  They began this process in the early '80s and… they were a huge hit.  Who among us hasn’t uttered the words “Big Red”?  For a while there, red calipers became synonymous with performance for the entire industry.  It literally sent droves of performance minded enthusiasts out to the driveway with a can of red spray paint to add 10hp to their now custom ride!

Through decade’s long manufacturing processes, Brembo® has literally “perfected” the art of the painted caliper so, as with our factory emulated zinc plated steel caliper processes, we ask ; why reinvent the wheel? 

There are hundreds of companies out there painting, repainting and refinishing calipers. Notice we didn’t mention “Restoring” calipers.  The time has come where painted calipers are in need of attention.  Porsche 951 calipers can be 33 years timeworn.  It’s customary for us to want to have them look and perform the best they can.  It’s also deeply laden in our human genome to seek out the “best deal”. 

Do yourself a favor, take 5 minutes to find out what you’re getting into.  These are “brake calipers” we’re talking about… those little things on each wheel separating us from life and death.

Take a look inside at painted calipers done the PMB way.  Stripped bare retaining the factory anodizing.  Factory seals "only". 4-step paint process including, transfer branding and re-plated hardware.  Nobody in the industry offers this level of finish...