Repairing the Porsche 914 Handbrake Arm Stop Pin

Repairing the Porsche 914 Handbrake Arm Stop Pin:  A DIY Guide for Brake Caliper Repair

Here's a "fairly" simple repair for our integrated handbrake rear calipers, focusing on Porsche brake caliper repair and how to repair a 914 brake caliper pin. This pin can be troublesome, especially on the Ferrari calipers where the later build dates saw some economies built into these calipers. They used a hollow roll pin that is prone to corrode and break away. We’ve never seen that pin on a Porsche 914 caliper, but some enthusiasts have upgraded to the 308 calipers over the years. Nonetheless, this remains a common issue for Porsche brake caliper repair.

This fix replaces the problematic pin with a hardened steel piece, providing a long-lasting solution for your brake caliper rebuild needs.

Step-by-Step Guide to Repairing Your Porsche 914 Brake Caliper:

1. Locate and Prepare the Broken Pin:

   Begin by centering a punch on the broken-off piece of the pin. This step is crucial and shares a slight advantage with Ferrari versions, where a hollow pin allows for easy centering of the drill bit. If there's any remaining travel in the cavity, the pin may push further in, leaving a clear depression for the drill to enter straight. Otherwise, you'll need to create a dimple at the center of the broken pin.

2. Drill Out the Pin:

   Use a 5/32nd drill bit secured in a drill press for precision. For Porsche brake caliper repair, a drill press ensures accurate drilling. If unavailable, consider borrowing one from a friend or local workshop. Clamp the caliper securely to maintain level positioning. Begin drilling into the pin cavity slowly, ensuring continuous center alignment throughout.


3. Confirm Depth and Clean the Hole:

   Continue drilling until the drill reaches the pin's bottom. You'll feel resistance in the press handle when nearing the end, ideally pulling out the remaining pin on the drill bit. Ensure the hole is thoroughly cleaned and ready for the next stage of your brake caliper rebuild.

4. Prepare the Replacement Pin:

   Measure a suitable replacement pin, typically around 15mm in length. Mark this measurement on your drill bit. Using a Dremel with a carbide wheel or a hacksaw, carefully cut the bit to size. Mix a small amount of JB Weld and apply it to the cut end of the bit for a neat finish.

5. Install the Replacement Pin:

   Insert the prepared pin into the cleaned hole, ensuring minimal JB Weld spread. Move the pin up and down to secure a proper fit. If necessary, twist to release any trapped air bubbles and allow the pin to settle correctly. Wipe away any excess JB Weld and allow it to cure undisturbed for 24 hours.


Following these steps effectively repairs the handbrake arm stop pin on your Porsche 914 caliper, serving as a useful guide for Porsche brake caliper repair and how to rebuild a brake caliper. This DIY approach not only reduces repair costs but also ensures improved performance through the upgraded hardened steel pin. With attention to detail and patience, this repair offers a lasting solution, enhancing your driving experience and safety with a restored brake caliper.