Ian Karr's Porsche 914-4 Engine Build Videos

Ian's type IV engine build has finally begun! In this episode he'll check out the decked and align-bored case, and all the new parts that will be part of this 2056 D-Jet upgrade for his Porsche 914 LE.

How to build the right side of the engine case, including oil galley plugs, crankshaft, camshaft and distributor. First time build, with case machining from Len at Hoffman Automotive Machine Jorge at European Motor Works and Will at Westchester Auto Machine. Watch as Ian assembles the Type 4 Store 9590 camshaft, index it to the crank, and index the distributor drive to everything.

The engine build continues...but it's two steps forward, one back. Watch as Ian assembles the left half of the engine case, install the windage tray, apply sealant and attempt to torque the two case halves together. It didn't go as planned, but all should be sorted by the next episode!

The engine is finally back from the machinist…but does the crank spin freely? Check out episode 4 of the engine build and find out! We’ll also set the crank end play and install the clutch. Jorge at European Motor Works makes a guest appearance as well!

In this episode we'll set the ring gaps, measure the deck height, install a modified type 1 oil pump and cover, fill the cylinders with KB pistons, and put the cylinders on the case. We'll also visit with the undisputed king of type 4 heads...Len Hoffman from HAM (Hoffman Automotive Machine).

Here's how Ian used Jake Raby's process for setting valve geometry on the 2056 he's building for his Porsche 914 LE...with tips and tricks from Jake. In this video I set the shims and build the valve train, use an adjustable pushrod to achieve maximum lift from the cam, and achieve proper valve geometry for smooth running. If you're building an engine, or just driving one this is a must-see episode. Enjoy!

In part 7 of his VW Type IV 2056 engine build, Ian pops in the pushrod tubes, finish the oil system, put on the cooling tins and install the alternator / belt. With the tins off, you can see how the cooling flaps work and why they're such an important part of the engine's design. Also, if you need to replace your alternator and/or belt, you'll have a clear idea of what's involved.

Ian's built this engine from the ground up, but will it start? In this episode he'll install a 123 distributor, the fuel injection system, vacuum hoses and finish up the build. Then Ian takes it off the stand, installs it in the car, hooks up the harnesses, rolls the car outside and fingers crossed, we'll see if it starts!