Ian Karr's Porsche 914 Project Bumblebee Videos

Welcome to the first episode of "Project Bumblebee". In this series we'll tackle the total restoration of a rare Porsche 914 LE. This is one of only 167 known survivors, so it deserves some TLC. The car is pretty much just a shell and needs everything...so if you're curious about restoring 914s, please subscribe and we'll probably cover it here.

The car is already pretty stripped down, but still needed to remove some bits before sending off to the shop:

  • Back pad
  • Knee pad
  • Dash assembly
  • Engine grille
  • Turn signal and ignition switch.

My Porsche 914 LE Bumblebee is finally buzzing again. This ep shows prep going into the dash and body work...and getting the engine ready for a rebuild. The case is headed to HAM for decking.

You probably spend more time looking at your dash than your paint. So fix that cracked top and peeling vinyl on your Porsche 914! It's easy to DIY and you can restore your dash in a weekend. This is from my bumblebee and I'm getting it ready while the car is in the paint shop. New upper dash foam and vinyl, new dash face basketweave and metal backing, and a new dash top.