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The PMB 914-6/GT "Jay Leno's Garage" Segment. Let us Build One for You!

This was an epic personal and professional moment to say the least. The best part of it all? Jay Leno himself.  Such a genuine, nice, accommodating "CAR GUY".  You can tell he "loves" what he does. One of our favorite comments was when asked "How do you like retirement?" "Ha! I do 260 stand up shows a year I have two Garage Series. I don't know how to retire. I think you can tell, I'm not the standard Hollywood type. I like doing this. I like hanging out with other car guys."

A fairly raw account of the lecture/demonstration we had from our professor and mentor Matt Hasara on balancing connecting rods and pistons by hand.

In this video Matt discusses ARP bolt stretch and it's complexity! In a later video we will actually torque our connecting rods onto our crankshaft and measure the bolt stretch to make sure they have been torqued properly for our application.

Landon and Adam also mount in the original passenger seat for when we will occasionally need one. This is a racecar so it will live 99% of it's life without a passenger!

This episode of the 914-6 build is a little back-dated. I found some footage that I had that I wasn't aware of so pardon us if it looks like we took 1 step forward and 2 steps backward!

How to Access Your Inner Adjuster Gear:

This is a vital one for those either trying to adjust their calipers or, sending their cores in for credit.  We don't ship new calipers with this gear so you'll need to scavenge the old ones from your cores.  

Magnus Walker "Jay's Garage" Segment:

There's a teeny-weenie, itsie-bitsie PMB caliper cameo in this early video of Magnus and Jay.  Love him, hate him, love to hate him? We've come to know Magnus over the years and all we can say is; exemplary human.

The "Versuch" 908 Caliper:

Another video from the "Wayback Machine".  This one gives you a tour of our "Versuch" (experimental) 908 caliper.  We believe this to be one of the first iterations of the 908 caliper.  Later the more traditional 908 got a spring loaded pad spring for easy pit access etc. 

Porsche 914 Bearing Race Removal:

Porsche 914 Rear Wheel Bearing Installation Video:

Porsche 914 Rear Hub Installation Video:

Inside PMB Performance:

How to Rebuild a 911 Caliper in 2 Minutes!

Tech Tip: Always Use The Proper Ribe Bit:

Carrera Rear Caliper Seals: