PMB Performance "Brake Bundle" for Porsche 944 Turbo and S2 (1986-91)

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PMB Performance "Brake Bundle" for Porsche 944 Turbo and S2
What's better than a brand-new set of PMB Performance restored brake calipers?  Getting all of the recommended goodies in one package and saving $100 of your hard-earned dollars doing it. Bundle Up!  It's time to save some cold, hard cash!!
You'll get our complete restoration service for your 944's Brembo calipers including:

  • Complete disassembly to bare core.
  • Removal of stuck or frozen pistons.
  • Calipers Painted with Industry Standard High Temperature Paint
  • Vibratory polishing of pistons.
  • Cleaning and recoating piston tops with high-temp paint.
  • New factory Brembo seals, scrapers or dust covers throughout.
  • Reassembly with pistons in proper position.
Your calipers will look like the day they came off the factory assembly line (probably better). You'll also receive our recommended and favorite "Sebro" German rotors for all four corners. That's everything needed to make this system a go, or should we say, "a stop"? 

You'll get our state of the art DirectFit soft lines of course and... (wait... there's more!)
 ...our favorite brake upgrade of all time; Porterfield Pads front and rear for that perfect bias match and that perfect stopping power designed into your factory calipers.
You'll get all of this and save yourself 100 clams! (As Mom always said, that beats a sharp stick in the eye!)

***Images are representational. Product may change for individual cars or requests***