Turn Signal/Wiper Electric Pump Switch Resto & Mod for Porsche 914-4 (1973-76)

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Turn Signal/Wiper Switch Restoration & 914-6 Electric Washer Modification

Restore the factory look of your Turn Signal/Wiper Switch in your Porsche 914-4 with this "cosmetic" restoration service.  At the same time, our experts can add the microswitch to drive a 914-6 Washer Pump.  No more deflated spare.  No more washer fluid dribbling onto your pantleg as you drive and... you get a "stunning" restoration of the stalk screening ta boot!  Get that brand new look with awesome functionality.  Pull the stalk and get the juice!  This kit comes with a new 914-6 washer fluid pump, stand-offs and detailed wiring instructions found HERE.

***IMPORTANT*** This is a restoration/modification service only for "your" switch.  We do not supply core switches for this process.  Please make certain your switch is fully functional before sending it in.  We cannot repair broken nylon or damaged contacts.