Threshold Trim Black Set for Porsche 914 (1970-76)

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These are the later model black sill plates and carpet strips... or "are they"?  They look the part but, instead of inexpensive plastic like the factory moved too, these parts have been made from a high quality black anodized aluminum which perfectly matches the plastic parts with the more durable product the early cars had

If we back up a bit we can see the progression of sill plates and carpet strips.  When production first began these were made from clear (silver) anodized aluminum, but midway through the 1973 model year the part was changed to an inexpensive black plastic. The plastic was used until 914 production ceased in 1976. If you're restoring your later 914, now's the time to right the factory wrong.  These black anodized aluminum sill plates are for you!

Used for the 1973-76 model years, 1 set required per car.

Now includes rivets and screws for installation!

  • Set of 2 anodized carpet strips and
  • 2 anodized threshold scuff plates 

These are for cars from 1970-73 with VIN 47329 18919 and below but will fit all 914 years.

  • 914.551.419.11, 914 551 419 11, 914-551-419-11, 91455141911
  • 914.551.137.11, 914 551 137 11, 914-551-137-11, 91455113711