Tail Light Gasket Set for Porsche 914 (1970-76)

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Water in your trunk? Heaven forbid!  It hides under the thermal mat and trunk carpet and percolates into a rust cesspool! Do you know the cause?  You do now!  It's your tail light seals to the body.  Follow the path; water runs off the sides of your rear decklid, down the channel and ends up right on top of your tail lights. If your tail light gaskets are some 50-odd years old; guess what happens?

Here's a set of new reproduction foam gasket with an adhesive backing for the tail light housing.  Fix it now before major rust repair becomes a thing!

Used for all 914 model years, 1 set required per car. 

Fits to:

  • 914.631.403.12, 914 631 403 12, 914-631-403-12, 91463140312
  • 914.631.404.12, 914 631 404 12, 914-631-404-12, 91463140412