Sway Bar Nut Plate Adapters for Porsche 911/912/914

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Required when installing a sway bar on cars that never had them (lots of early 911's, 912's and 914's) or when installing thru-body type front sway bars onto cars originally equipped with an under-body type sway bar (most 74-89 cars). Nut Plate Adapters are welded to the inside of the fender well with the nuts facing in and... yes, these are unapologetically "raw metal" as they are intended to be welded to the body like the factory units are.  We have a fancy zinc plating facility but that makes a deadly combo when welding.  We like these sturdy units better than the common Riv-Nut style adapters for all of our restorations and installs.

  • Required For Thru-Body Swaybar Conversions
  • Welding required for proper installation