SSI "GT3" Style Kit 63mm Outlet 41mm Heat Exchanger Full Exhaust Kit for Porsche 911

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SSI "GT3" Style Stainless Steel Muffler with 63mm Dual Center Outlets FULL KIT

The JP Dansk Group has been turning up the heat on all of the cool vintage exhaust products for our vintage Porsches.  They are now (after their SSI acquisition) the "go-to" source for brand new factory replacement exhaust that is done right. 

SSI simply makes the finest mufflers out there for our air cooled Porsches. Here’s an old friend with an updated twist. Get that awesome GT3 style center pipe look on your vintage ride. A splash of modern meets your classic! This is the full kit, so it comes with SSI's excellent 41mm Heat Exchangers, all the hardware and gaskets needed, and of course the GT3 style twin exit muffler. 

Fits: Porsche 911 (1963-83) Porsche 914-6 (70-72)