Spring Plate Cover Spacer, 5mm

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When Using EMPI’s Adjustable Spring Plates to Lower or Raise Your Classic VW, You’ll Find That the New Adjustable Spring Plate is Thicker and Your Spring Plate Cover Won’t Fit. What You Need is EMPI’s 5mm Spring Plate Cover Spacer!

New to EMPI’s Continually Expanding Line of Quality Products, this 5mm Thick Spring Plate Cover Spacer is Used Between EMPI’s Adjustable Spring Plate and the Spring Plate Cover for Proper Clearance on Outer Spring Plate Grommets.

Designed Using EMPI’s CAD Software and Manufactured With 1018 Laser Cut Steel for an Exact Fit.

Finished in a Durable Black Coating to Last for Years.

Compatible with the Following Adjustable Spring Plates

  • 17-2669-0 Swing Axle Suspension
  • 17-2670-0 Swing Axle Suspension
  • 17-2671-0 Swing Axle Suspension
  • 17-2672-0 IRS Suspension
  • 17-2673-0 IRS Suspension
  • 17-2674-0 IRS Suspension
  • 18-1075-0 IRS Suspension

Mounting Hardware Not Included