Sparco ADV XT Carbon Racing Seat

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Sparco ADV XT Carbon Racing Seat

The Sparco ADV XT is an extremely strong, ultra-light weight carbon fiber seat designed to pass the FIA’s highest seat rating, FIA 8862-2009. This means the ADV XT has been tested to an impact of approximately 70G. This rating is required for GT racing, and the ADV XT was specially designed with a more relaxed, comfortable driving position for GT cockpits. With strength at the top of its class, the ADV XT can withstand over 6,600 lbs. of lateral force. The ADV XT has an energy absorbing system in the areas subjected to the highest stress to protect the driver. The entire seat is covered in self-extinguishing fabric, plus a special non-slip fabric in the shoulders and seat area.

The ADV XT is FIA approved when mounted with the Sparco #0049605 side-mount brackets.


  • Ultra-light weight Carbon Fiber construction
  • FIA 8862-2009 approved
  • Testing to an impact of 70G
  • Designed for GT cockpits and driver position
  • HANS device compatible
  • Fire retardant fabric
  • Special non-slip fabric