Short Shift Kit for Porsche 356B and C/911/912/914-6/914-4 (1958 - 72)

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This short throw shift kit is for the early style shift consoles with the cup and ball assembly at the base of the shift lever.  It reduces travel by  a whopping 30%! 

How to?  Your original shift base, highlighted blue in the diagram, is actually epoxied to your shift lever.  You'll need to heat it with a propane (or other) torch and the epoxy will release it's 50 year old grip.  Clean everything up and glue it back together with the new longer base from this kit. This is one of those jobs that JB Weld get's our gold star of approval for (please use the 24 hour stuff).  The block, represented by the yellow highlight in the diagram, is used to step the bushing guide down, highlighted red in the diagram, to match the new, lower fulcrum point for your shift rod.

Fits 356 B and C, 911/912 and early 914.  Accepts existing stock shift lever and knob.  Easy installation.  Sold as set. 1 set required per car.