Sewn Plaid Seat Material Kit for Porsche 914 (1975-76)

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New reproduction seat inserts for late model cars with the appearance package group. 

This set is for one seat, it includes a bottom cover with sewn leatherette for covering the cushion and a seat back with a sewn leatherette cover for the headrest. 

The plaid material was available from the factory beginning in 1975 and color matched to a specific paint code. The material saw continued use in 1976 but with fewer choices available.

Used for the 1975-76 914 model years, 2 sets required per car. 

This set will recover one seat and is available in all 9 factory colors.


  • 1x Seat Back Bolster
  • 1x Seat Back Center Section with Headrest 
  • 1x Seat Bottom Section 

Plaid material by the linear yard is also available by request only, please call for price and availability.


914.521.384.12, 914 521 384 12, 914-521-384-12, 91452138412

914.521.353.14, 914 521 353 14, 914-521-353-14, 91452135314