S-Caliper Repair Kit for Porsche Models (1969-76)

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Complete S-Caliper Repair Kit

What do we have here? Have a look... there's that fluid inlet seal that nobody else carries.  There a packet of our PMB assembly lube and, yup, that's an original ATE seal kit.  Win. Win. Win.

If your S-Calipers are giving you fits, we've got the kits.  Each kit rebuilds one caliper so you'll want a pair of kits if you're rebuilding both fronts.  You'll "Probably" need new pistons in which case, you should look for our S-Caliper Repair Kit Bundle (link below).  The dissimilar metals in the original S-Calipers made these pistons flake their hard chrome coating like no other.  

More fun (and not so fun) Facts?

S-Calipers are forged aluminum bodies that owe their lineage to the glorious 908 caliper.  Porsche liked them so much on their race cars that they ported them over to their new LWB 911S in 1969.  Only a few minor tweaks to their pad hardware and you have yourself a great street caliper.  That killer forged aluminum body can have it's drawbacks.  While Vic Elford won Monte Carlo on them... tons of boulevard brawlers have complained about "flex".  ATE listened and the later models (73-76) had a good chunk of metal left in the nose bridge.  This helped substantially but, haters gonna hate as they say. 

Because of dissimilar metals in the caliper body and the pistons, galvanic corrosion has become a real thing.  Our proprietary "DuroAno" pistons make this a thing of the past but, the damage may be already done and, as they say, "you can't unring that bell".  Galvanic Corrosion has various street names such as "Worm Corrosion" or "White Worm Corrosion" due to the worm or termite like path the current takes as the corrosion sets in.  If this corrosion cust across a seal path, either in the bore or the fluid inlet, it can be fatal for some of the coolest calipers to adorn a 911 (or 914-6/GT).  We do have a high temp epoxy fix but it's a 50:50 proposition on the long term health of the caliper.

We've restored more S-Calipers than anyone on the planet.  It takes time and resources.  At this time (50+ years later) the bodies should be re-anodized again.  This will help with that aforementioned corrosion issue.  While you're in there, again, we recommend our hard anodized pistons.  Why? Aluminum body. Aluminum piston.  No more dissimilar metals.  They're a must for your rebuild.

Have S-Caliper questions?  Give us a call. 855-STOP-101 (855-786-7101)