Rubber Front Control Arm Bushing for Porsche 911/912/914

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Restore your factory ride quality with new rubber bushings for the front of your 914 or 911.

If you're on a budget, this is the best bushing for your primarily street driven 914. I tend to use the "Pareto principle" these days to determine which bushings I use on my cars:

80% Street 20% Track - The new rubber systems are the ones to go with.

80% Track 20% Street - Use a solid bushing that will afford better suspension geometry for track.

With the advent of new rubber for these cars, this is my first recommendation.  There is no mistaking the fact that you're missing 1/4" of rubber when you install a hard bushing on a street car.  While the ride is precise you're smooth as silk factory feel is gone.  Take it from someone who has "been there, done that"... if your car is primarily street driven, these are the bushings for you.