PMB's Own Rear Caliper Set with Dual Bleeders for Porsche 914-6 or 914-6/GT

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 The 914-6 and 914-6/GT caliper is back! - Now Taking Pre-Orders

Upgrade Your Vintage Porsche 914 with PMB Performance's High-Quality 914-6 Rear Calipers

Revitalize your restoration, resto-mod, or outlaw project with PMB Performance's meticulously crafted reproduction rear calipers for the iconic Porsche 914-4 and 914-6. Finally, enthusiasts can rejoice as we introduce a premium solution that surpasses expectations.

Unmatched Precision

Our rear calipers, available with or without spacers, boast a 38mm piston size, making them the ideal complement to any 48mm front caliper of your choice. Whether you opt for M-Calipers, A-Calipers from an SC or Carrera, or even S-Calipers or 908 calipers, our reproduction rear calipers offer the perfect balance and factory bias ratio, ensuring optimal performance.

Versatility and Options

Choose between two variants: the 914-6 for solid rotors or the 914-6/GT for vented rotors. Whichever variant suits your project, rest assured that our calipers are engineered to meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Preserve Authenticity, Enhance Functionality

Our reproduction rear calipers not only match the original specifications but also provide "stock" handbrake functionality, allowing you to maintain authenticity while enjoying improved performance.

Elevate Your Porsche 914 Experience

Upgrade your Porsche 914 restoration with PMB Performance's reproduction rear calipers. Experience precision engineering, unmatched quality, and enhanced performance for your vintage Porsche project. These are dual bleeder models so they’ll work on your Ferrari 308 as well!