RennShift Performance Shifter for Porsche 914-4/914-6 (73-76) w/ Side Shift Transmission

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The 914 shifting experience has been likened to "trying to spell your name with your spoon in a bowl of alphabet soup" until now... the amazing RennShift Performance Shifter for 1973-76 914 side-shift transmissions comes to PMB Performance.

If you've upgraded to the factory side-shift transmission, these an also be used on earlier 914s and 914/6.  The RennShift does not convert your tail-shift 914 to a side-shift.  The RennShift is used to replace an existing side-shift shifter - you must reuse the factory clevis shift rod head and steel bushing that joins the shifter to the factory linkage rod.

Also known as the RennSport Precision Shifter or RennSport Shifter or simply the RennShifter.  Have a look at what this new shifter can do for you:

  • Adjustable Throw, Adjustable Spring Gates, Bronze Bushings and much more!
  • Fits 914 '73-'76 with side-shift transmission.
  • Side shifter base is Black Anodized on all finish versions.
  • Hand Throttle slot and features are included in base plate for 914-6 or carbureted 914-4 
  • Complete shifter makes installation easy.
  • 20% and 33% throw reduction can be changed at any time.
  • Works with factory shift knob or our optional shift knobs.
  • Automatic and manual reverse lock-pawls included. Note that auto lockout may not be reliable in 33% throw setting.
  • Includes small RS boot.  Can be used with original factory 911-915 boot for a original look.
Some images shown are older models but are used to point out specific features.

Note: Shift knobs and the factory boot shown in pictures are optional extras.  Because almost any knob used with the factory shifter can be used with RennShift and knobs can be highly personal, we don't force you to include a knob with your purchase. 

Watch Rennshift Videos Here: