RennShift 4-Speed Performance Shifter for Porsche 930 (1975-88)

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The early 930 shifting experience has been likened to "trying to spell your name with your spoon in a bowl of alphabet soup" until now... the amazing "RennShift Performance Shifter" comes to PMB Performance.  Also known as the RennSport Precision Shifter or RennSport Shifter or simply the RennShifter. 

Announcing the RennShift Performance Shifter for 930 4-speed transmissions used in the '75-'88 911 Turbo.  Look at what a RennShift can do for you:

  • Adjustable Throw, Adjustable Spring Gates, Bronze Bushings and much more!
  • Spring bias puts the shifter in the 3-4 plane.  Pulling over to the 1-2 plane is natural (same as nearly all 5-speeds) and is the common design for 4-speed shifters.  Other's designs recycle the 5-speed shifter and leave the spring bias to center on the 1-2 plane - very unnatural to drive!
  • Reverse spring is internal to the transmission.

  • Shift Rod Bracket, Shift Rod Bushing, and Shift Rod Bushing Socket are included with the 930 shifter.  These are unique to the 930 with it's special throw requirements.

  • Shift feel and accuracy of selecting gears are improved tremendously, even compared back-to-back with fully optimized and blueprinted factory short shift.  This is not a "boy-racer" product, but a true shift system designed specifically for the Porsche transmissions.  Aerospace engineer designed with our initial 901 shifter improvement dating back to 1985.  RennShift general distribution since 2003.  We've been at this a long time.
  • Complete shifter makes installation simple.
  • 20% and 33% throw reduction can be changed at any time.  20% with stock length stick and 33% setting with extended stick are optimal for most cars.  Greater throw reduction offered by other companies are not recommended for 930 type transmissions - shift force becomes too high and you have to "bang" the shifter into gear, wearing out the synchronizers.  These are not Muncies or Hondas! 
  • Works with factory '75-'86 shift knob with crush sleeve on outer surface of stick or our optional shift knobs which thread into internal threads with a stud. (see below)
  • Includes small RS boot.  Can be used with original factory 915 boot, which when combined with a stock knob looks extremely close to stock.
  • Stock height puts the shift knob in the same spot as the original Porsche shifter, both vertically and front-to-back.  The extended stick adds 2 inches along the angle of the stick, moving the knob up and back for more comfortable reach to the forward gears.

Note: shift knobs and the factory boot shown in pictures are optional extras.

The RennShift traces its roots to JWest's 901 spring gated shifters created in the mid-1980s for personal use.  Commercial introduction came in 2003 after applying years of learned lessons to the final engineer-designed product

The 901, 915 and 930 Porsche transmissions do not respond to the same "short-shift" modifications as other transmissions. Often, other shifter manufactures attempt to apply their experience with other cars to these transmissions with undesirable effects.  The Porsche servo synchronizers are truly unique and only respond well to modifications that increase driver communication with the transmission.  Over-shortening the throw will result in less shifting resolution, causing unintentional mechanical abuse (by not allowing the transmission to fully engage into gear).  RennShift mates the ideal balance of increased precision and smooth feedback that puts the driver in control of shifting rather than applying guesswork to gear changes. 

If you want the most involving and rewarding driving experience, rely on the RennShift to fulfil your desire. Shift with confidence using JWest Rennshift products from PMB. Explore the full range of Jwest Engineering shifters designed for Porsche.

(The 930 shifter does not work with factory '87 and '88 bolt-on shift knob.)

Installation Manual

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