Rear "Wide" L-Caliper Repair Bundle for Porsche 911S & L (1967-68)

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Rear Wide L-Caliper Repair Bundle

Wait... you have the uber rare Wide L-Caliper? Lucky you.  This is a rare 2 year only caliper for some of the coolest 911's on the planet, the SWB 911S and L models.  That also makes the seal kits super hard to find (you've come to the source). Have a look... there's a packet of our PMB assembly lube and, yup, that's an original ATE seal kit.  And there's a pair of the much needed PMB Stainless Steel Pistons. Win. Win. WIN!!!

If your rear calipers are giving you fits, we've got the kits.  Each kit rebuilds one caliper so you'll want a pair of kits if you're rebuilding both fronts.  You'll "Probably" need new pistons so we included them in this killer "Bundle".  Keep your knock back mechanisms' from your original pistons.  They'll go right into these new ones.

These seal kits are extremely rare hence the price (sorry).  Luckily, your investment is paying off.  Treat her well.

We've restored more Wide L-Calipers than anyone on the planet.  It takes time and resources.  At this time (50+ years later) the bodies should be re-zinc plated.  We hear ya old timer... they were never cad plated.  Every ATE caliper was zinc plated in yellow zinc from the factory.  We recommend you use our zinc plating service (listed below) for a caliper that will probably outlast you.  In this bundle you'll get our stainless steel pistons at a killer bundle price.  Why new pistons? You'll never have to deal with flaking chrome again. This isn't a bean-counter build like it was in 67... it's your baby now and it's worth it.  These are a must for your rebuild.

Have Wide L-Caliper questions?  Give us a call. 855-STOP-101 (855-786-7101)