Rear Caliper Seal Kit for Porsche 914-4 (70-76)

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One Kit Required Per Caliper.

These are the "Original" ATE rebuild kits for your 914-4.  We've been restoring calipers since 2004.  THIS IS IMPORTANT.  Cheap aftermarket seal kits DO NOT have enough anti-ozonates in the rubber.  Your rubber dust boots that are required to keep moisture out of the piston bores will literally flake apart in 1-2 years.  Then you'll have to come back here and buy the proper kits.  Do it right the first time.  This is not an area you'll want to cheap out on.  

PMB Kits have been supplemented from the original factory kit to include "all" the seals and the custom welch plug needed to rebuild the 914 rear caliper.  Inner adjuster o-ring seal, the outer adjuster o-ring seal and the caliper 1/2 seals.  They're all included.  Each kit repairs 1 caliper.