Racing Tube Heat Exchanger Replacement for Porsche 914 1.7/1.8 (1970-76)

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New Racing Tube Heat Exchanger Delete for your 1.7 or 1.8L Porsche 914-4

Building a track monster? Saving every gram you can is important, especially when a car is already as lightweight as the 914. These racing tubes remove several pounds of excess weight from the rear of the car, helping the weight distribution and increasing your car's ability to perform. These Racing Tubes are also stainless steel, making them a more durable and higher quality part than the factory exhaust. Note that these delete the heat exchanger entirely, and will remove the heating element of your car's climate control. 

The JP Dansk Group has been turning up the heat on all of the cool vintage exhaust products for our vintage Porsches.  They are now (after their SSI acquisition) the "go-to" source for brand new factory replacement exhaust that is done right.