QuickChange™ Blade Style Swaybars

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QuickChange Blade Style Sway Bar System

Blade style adjustable sway bar system is the ultimate choice for performance and tuning. This superior-quality system delivers unique features and advantages that are without rival. It is simply the best.The blade style adjuster mechanism varies roll stiffness with the angle of the blade. Set it vertically for full-stiff, horizontal for full-soft, and intermediate angles for other stiffness levels.

Blade style adjustment offers advantages over traditional adjustable sway bars including faster adjustment and superior geometry.

Perfect Geometry

Fixed-length arms ensure the angle of the drop links are not changed with stiffness adjustment. Geometry and kinematic behavior is always perfect. The bar always rotates freely, with low-friction, and without binding in all adjustment positions.

Traditional sway bars adjust roll stiffness by changing the length of the lever arm, at the same time changing the angle of the drop link. This can cause poor force-transmission angles in some positions. The result can be binding, high-friction, and excessive load on the mounts to the chassis.


Hollow bar reduces weight.
QuickChange Blade Style Sway Bar Detail

Choice Of Bar Rates

Choose .120 or .095 wall thickness to tailor roll stiffness to your car and needs.

Drop Links

Left and right threaded precision rod ends make easy work of adjusting front drop link length. Adjustable length makes it easy to eliminate any preload on the bar. Teflon lined rod ends never require lubrication.

Front drop links have wrench flats for easy counter-holding.

Drop links attached to the control arms diagonal member using included clamps. It is not required to have the “U” style drop link attachments on the control arms.

Fully Weather Sealed Rod Ends

Precision rod ends on the drop links are fully weather sealed to keep out contaminant and ensure long life on street or track.

Spherical Bushings Prevent Binding

Mounts to the chassis using spherical bushings that articulate or “float” ensuring no binding.

Spherical bushings allow mounts to automatically re-align themselves when the chassis is flexing under load. This ensures the bushings allow free, non-binding performance when it’s most important – under heavy cornering loads.

Teflon impregnated bushings are grease and maintenance free and provide smooth operation and long life.

Through-Body Style

Installs through the body same as the pre-1974 cars and the early turbo cars. Cars not originally equipped with a through-body sway require the optional backer plate kit.

Fast and Easy Adjustment

No need to jack up the car or remove the wheels. Reach under the car, loosen one bolt to rotate the blade type adjuster. The angle of the blade defines the stiffness.
QuickChange Blade Style Sway Bar Detail
Literally about 1 minute to adjust, faster with practice.Infinitely variable adjustment lets you dial in the precise roll stiffness.

For track cars this fast-adjustment can be invaluable when time in the pits or paddock is short. Adjusting traditional sway bars is lengthy – jack up car, remove wheels, adjust, re-install wheels.

QuickChange Blade Style Sway Bar Detail

Swaybar adjustable blade

QuickChange Blade Style Sway Bar Detail

Swaybar Fixed Side