Rear Caliper Restoration for Porsche 930 (1977-89)

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No other caliper strikes a chord with the vintage Porsche crowd quite like the 930 caliper.  The first foray with Brembo is a large, ultra-lightweight caliper that bolts under a 15" wheel!  930 calipers are stunning and of great value to those who have them.  Hang on to and protect your investment for years to come.

Honestly, it's quite a task to restore 930 calipers properly however, we've nailed the process.

Most of the difficulties come with disassembly.  Steel and aluminum don't play well together and much effort and finesse are required just to get these beauties apart.  Next comes the matching of the factory finish.  What you're seeing are fresh castings that had been deburred and finished at the Brembo factory and then black anodized.

Fasteners and hardware then get refinished in yellow zinc and the entire assembly gets bolted back together and torqued to spec.

What you'll have is a set of 930 calipers that not only look they way they did when your car rolled off the assembly line, they'll perform like it to.

You have some very cool calipers... don't have them painted or powder coated and simply rebuilt while you lose value and performance.  Have them "restored" properly...

***IMPORTANT*** PLEASE DO NOT SEND IN YOUR BANJO FITTINGS OR MOUNTING HARDWARE. WE NO LONGER HAVE THE ABILITY TO HANDLE YOUR HARDWARE AND/OR YOUR EXTRA FASTENERS.  We cannot guarantee the integrity of old mounting fasteners and pad kits.  Regarding mounting fasteners, we recommend you purchase these items "new" vs. using old fasteners.