Genuine Weber Dual 40 IDF Carburetor Conversion Kit for Porsche 914/912E

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***Weber 40 IDF Kits DO NOT Come with Velocity Stacks***

Building a big 4?  Cams and Carbs may be the way to go. These 40 IDF kits are what we recommend for most 2.0 and even some 2.2 applications.  A great 2.0 or 2056 rebuild with a carb camshaft can be a whole lot of fun with these carburetors.  

***THIS IS IMPORTANT STUFF (hence the all-caps etc.)*** These are "Redline/Weber" carburetors made in Spain (not the cheesy knockoffs you'll find on eBay).  You'll be glad you spent the extra couple of bucks when it comes time to tune them in.  NO... WE ARE NOT TRYING TO SCAM YOU FOR EXTRA MONEY HERE.WE'RE TRYING TO SAVE YOU MONEY. THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE!!

Seriously, we tried to tune some knockoffs that a customer delivered for his brand new motor.  We couldn't even get past the air flow balancing let alone the mixture screws.  They were un-usable right out of the box. We spent 3-4 hours trying to tune them vs. 15 minutes.  I'll say it again; we're trying to save you money.