Reproduction Rear Caliper Set with Dual Bleeders for Porsche 914-6 or 914-6/GT

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The 914-6 and 914-6/GT caliper is back!

Finally a very high quality reproduction of the 914-6 rear caliper (with or without spacers) is now available for your restoration/resto-mod/outlaw etc. The 38mm piston makes these a perfect match for any 48mm front caliper you desire on your 914. M-Calipers up front? Throw these on the rear. A-Calipers from an SC or Carrera going on? These are the perfect balance for the rear. Want to get correct with S-Calipers or 908 calipers? These will match up and give you the factory bias ratio along with “stock” handbrake functionality.

Two variants available... 914-6 for a solid rotor or 914-6/GT for a vented rotor.

These are dual bleeder models so they’ll work on your Ferrari 308 as well!