Porsche 914-4 GKN/Loebro CV Joint Kit

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It's super IMPORTANT to use quality GKN/Loebro CV joints for your 914!  The cheap brands do not hyperextend as far as these and the inner cage will crack and break under load (ask us how we know).  Think that's rare? Ever pull out into heavy traffic from a driveway apron? That's hyperextending under load.  This is not a part you want to go cheap on because... this is not a job you want to do twice!

We're proud to offer "Pre-Machined" GKN/Loebro CV joints. These have the proper roll pin holes and the paper gasket groove machined for you (see the fancy red arrow in the pictures).  This option allows you to have a new GKN/LOEBRO joint that is ready to install on your 914 axle!

This is about the only way to get the "proper" CV's for a 914 these days.  You can scour the countryside and look for some NOS units but, they're few and far between.  These are complete kits with new fasteners and assembly grease.  The only thing you'll need (these are MUST HAVE ITEMS) are the new Schnorr washers listed below on this page.  This is one of the most important steps.

***You can also go the easy route and get complete driveshafts as well.  We'll install the CV's and supply you with factory fresh powder-coated assemblies to install in your teener (see below).