Porsche 914-4/914-6 GKN/Loebro Complete Driveshaft

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***There is a $60.00 core charge "included" in this price.  This means you will get $60.00 refunded when you send your "usable" core axle in to us for exchange.  There is a 60-Day limit on core refunds due to credit card processing restrictions. SENDING ALXES ONLY WILL BE A COST EFFECTIVE WAY FOR YOU TO RETURN YOUR CORES***

That means your "real world" cost on these will be $299.00 each.

These are the best of the best.  We only use the original GKN/Loebro* CV joints on our 914 Driveshaft Assemblies.  All CV's have been machined to accept a factory gasket and 10x20 roll pins.  The shafts have been stripped and powdercoated for years of trouble free beauty under your pride and joy.

*More on why we only use GKN/Loebro CV joints for our drive shafts: We've made the mistake in the past of trying the "el cheapo" CV joints.  The GKN/Loebro joints are the "only" ones we found that do not hyper extend beyond the factory CV joints spec. 

"Is this really an issue? I mean, how often will I hyper extend my CV's?" 

YOU BET IT IS.  Ever roll out of a rather steep parking lot of driveway apron in first gear (all kinds of torque)? That's a hyper-extended CV and, the cages can (and will) break in the cheap units.  This is one place/job where you don't want to be again.  This is one place/job where you don't want to be a CSOB 914 owner. ;-)

This is your "bolt on" solution using all factory parts.  You'll need CV joint gaskets, bolts and Schnorr washers.