Polished Stainless Steel Hub Caps for Classic Steelies 356, 911, 912, 914

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New polished hubcaps for your vintage air cooled Porsche. 


These flat dish style hubcaps are an iconic look on all 60s Porsche models. These are found stock on cars as old as the 356 or as new as the Early 914. If your hubcaps are dented or tarnished this is a must have item.  Made of a high quality polished stainless steel, these wont rust or take damage as easily as the factory part, while still looking every bit as good. These hubcaps have the mounting holes pre drilled into them to install your favorite style of center cap. 

4 Required Per Car

Fits: Porsche 356 (1963-65) 911, (1963-70), 912 (65-70) 914 (1970)

#3 In diagram.

Replaces: 90136130104, 901 361 301 04, 901.361.301.04, 901-361-301-04