PMO Titanium Crankshaft Pulley (131mm)

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PMO Titanium Crankshaft Pulley

Titanium is an Aerospace Material That Has the Highest Strength to Weight Ratio of any Structural Metal.

It has Been Used by Porsche Racing for Decades in Applications Where High Strength combined with the Lowest Weight is Required.

PMO Parts has Chosen to Produce a Limited Run of Motorsports Inspired Stock Configuration V-belt Crankshaft Pulleys for Your Engine Honoring This Rich Heritage.



  • 3D Scanned & CAD Designed Using Genuine Sample Steel Parts
  • CNC Machined in Aerospace Grade Titanium Ensuring High Strength and Precision
  • Timing Marks @ Z1, 5⁰, 30⁰, 35⁰ BTDC,

FE Marking is Suitable for MFI Pump Timing Applications, 120⁰ ( Z2 & Z3 ) Valve Timing Adjustment Marks also Included

  • Porsche Motorsports Hole Pattern Mimics Original Racing Parts
  • Reduces Rotating Mass and Engine Weight
  • Includes Proprietary Titanium Mounting Bolt Featuring Thread Locking Compound
  • Torque to 56 ft lbs (dry)


Upgrade to Your Porsche 911 Air Cooled Engine to the Lightest and Strongest Pulleys Available


Fits 911 74-77, S, Carrera & Carrera 3.0 Models

OE Reference: 911-102-017-04, 91110201704