PMO Manifold Sets for Porsche Flat Six Engines

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Did you know that PMO manufacturers sixteen different manifolds for the 911/914-6 engine?!?!  Each and every one is the highest quality heat treated aluminum.  Bore matching and porting are "standard".  

No matter what 911 engine you have, PMO has the height, port combination and bottom flange shape to fit your application. As an example, their 2.7 CIS manifold has the correct 35mm port size and correct CIS shape bottom flange. Adding the CIS shape to the bottom flange of the manifold is a PMO innovation. This flange eliminates the need to weld and grind on the cylinder heads to fill the notches that are in the CIS ports. The 3.6 liter manifolds come with triangular flanges and insulators to bolt right up to the cylinder heads.

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