Complete PMO Carburetor Kit for Porsche Flat 6 Engines

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PMO Carburetion Kit for Porsche Flat 6 Engines

From the company that not only pioneered the 911 Carburetor Conversion, but re-wrote the book on what a triple throat carburetor should be... PMO carbs are back!   When (King) Richard Parr wanted to retire, our friends at EMPI stepped up and bought the company. Not ones to be resting on laurels, EMPI pumped a ton of money into updating the machinery and making sure the PMO legacy lives on!

When Richard set off to design his own carburetor, he didn't take the task lightly.  Taking a cue from Weber's most modern design, the IDF, you'll get a modern jet and float bowl technology.  Add to that true aerospace quality castings and machining.  It doesn't end there. One piece stainless shafts supported by large ball bearings (no more worn out shaft bushings), float bowl sight glasses make tuning a breeze, and an improved fuel inlet system. All of these features come together to address known issues from the original designs and give you the finest carburetor available today. 

These complete kits include pre-jetted and sized carburetors (40mm, 46mm, or 50mm), linkage, K&N® Watershield air cleaners, pressure control unit, heat insulator kit, oil tank breather, fuel line & filter, clamps, injector plugs (as needed), power brake check valve (as needed) and complete installation instructions. 

You will need to use your intake manifolds or choose a set of CNC machined PMO manifolds to complete the perfect install.

Pick the exact system for your masterpiece motor. 

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