PMB Performance "Exclusive" Porsche 914 Strengthened Rear Trailing Arm Set

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PMB Performance’s exclusive strengthened and gusseted Porsche 914-4 and 914-6 rear trailing arms are all you need to make sure your bottom end is tight.

The factory racing department saw the need to strengthen the 914's rear trailing arm when they went racing. Their solution? Weld a boxed stiffening kit around the outside of the trailing arm. It work and it worked well but it also added 4lbs. to each arm. Yikes! If welded on improperly it can and will easily distort the arms as well.

Our solution addresses all of the known issues with the boxed arm kits. We've laterally welded the arms for an excess of 50% additional strength (the same as the boxed kit) with nearly 0.0 in weight penalties. We've also gusseted the long pivot shaft housings to prevent flex there. The arms are then powder coated and we'll install your choice of Elephant Racing bushings (we recommend rubber for 80% street use and PolyBronze for 80% track use... the good-ole Pareto Principle). You'll get new split race bearings, freshly zinc plated bearing caps and a factory stamp to finish things off.