PMB Performance DirectFit Stainless-Steel Brake Lines - Set of 4 - 2016-22 Porsche Boxster/Spyder/Cayman

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For years, we’ve struggled with braided hose technology from the dark ages.  Wrong lengths. Wrong ends. Adapters required.  There wasn’t a braided stainless-steel line set we could recommend... until now.
Announcing PMB Performance DirectFit stainless steel brake lines made to fit our cars. With over a decade of engineering and preparation we’ve developed a simple bolt-on (DirectFit if you will) line set with state-of-the-art components.  Designed to exceed DOT standards, these 304 stainless lines come with a clear PVC protective cover, triple-zinc Q215 ends on a PTFE (Teflon) core with an ultra-high burst rate above 12,500 psi.
Every DirectFit brake line is pressure tested and guaranteed to be leak free for life.   Each kit has the correct lines to provide a “DirectFit” the first time and every time. Say goodbye to weird banjo bolts and impossible to find universal fittings.
Our decades of experience in the vintage Porsche market is cast into every single brake line we make.  Improve your braking and eliminate that spongy pedal with a lifetime guarantee DirectFit line set from PMB Performance.

Built to the Following Standards

  • DOT - FMVSS 106
  • SAE - J1401
  • ISO - 3996
  • GB - 16897-2010


  • PTFE (Teflon®) inner lining
  • Braided 304 Stainless Steel Covering
  • Clear UV Protective PVC Outer Cover
  • Steel fittings: Triple Zinc and Nickel finishes


  • High-performance ultra-low expansion rate of 0.000295cc/ft. at 4,000 psi (ZeroFlex™)
  • ZeroFlex™ offers extremely precise pedal modulation and feel
  • DirectFit™ OE designed fittings and vehicle specific lengths accommodate ease of installation
  • Tough UV protective PVC outer coating to protect the braid and resist impact and abrasions
  • Protective fitting caps reduce fatigue
  • Tested to exceed DOT standards
  • All lines pressure tested to 4250 psi
  • Ultra-high burst pressure rated to 12,550-13,500 psi
  • Extreme temperature resistance -70℃/-94°F to +260℃/500°F
  • Compatibility: for all non-petroleum brake fluids DOT3, DOT4, DOT4 LV, DOT5.1

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