PMB Caliper Zinc Plating Service

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Let's face it... this isn't rocket science.  So you're a DIY guy.  We get it.  That's how we started this business.  The key to getting an awesome caliper restoration all lies in the prep and foundation (you've heard this before by now).  For a steel brake caliper, they have to be plated, inside and out, to have any longevity on the car and we've perfected that art.

Zinc is a sacrificial coating, it starts to absorb the corrosion elements before the base metal takes the hit.  This is why we have 356 calipers to plate some 60-70 years later!  And yes... it's ZINC not CAD.  We've heard it all.  We've built them all.  We've had the finish tested.  Every ATE, Girling, Kelsey Hayes, you name it... every one is zinc.

The problem is, most people don't have access to a decent plating service.  When they do, there is usually a $200.00 "Minimum Batch Charge" We have our plating facility "In-House".  The other problem is, most platers butcher the job.  Sadly, about 50% of the outside plating we've seen is either really bad or, they've literally destroyed the calipers in the pickling process.

DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!  Send those irreplaceable calipers to us for our magic touch.  We're restoring Amelia Island and Pebble Beach award winning calipers on a daily basis.  We restore calipers for the major auto manufacturers for their "Classic" programs.  Let us plate your caliper bodies and you can muscle them back together.

***Your calipers must be completely disassembled prior to sending them in.  If you are having difficulties getting them apart, please call and we'll walk you through the process.  PRICE IS FOR FOUR CALIPER PIECES AND SPACERS.  ACCESSORIES ARE EXTRA.