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DIYAutoTune CEO Jerry Hoffmann & Lead Engineer Matt Cramer explain practically everything you need to know about EFI in their illustrated book, Performance Fuel Injection Systems. Hoffmann & Cramer cover what you need to know about EFI system selection, installation options and tuning, including:

  • MUST HAVE tools for working with electronics
  • How to build an exceptional wiring harness
  • Selection guide for choosing injectors, throttle bodies, fuel pumps, and other EFI system components
  • A comparison of various standalone EFI systems currently on the market
  • Dyno tuning and other tuning methods
  • Piggyback devices
  • Chips and stock ECU hacks

Our approach to EFI systems and tuning was a purely practical angle, leaving out some of the super technical details that may tend to bog some down, and just trying to write about what the reader would need to know to make their project a success.  We cover all the basics, and then dive into tuning on the track and on the dyno, with very practical ‘how to tune’ type walkthroughs (fuel and ignition timing) to help the reader understand the process and remove the mystery. We also cover some common, and not-so-common troubleshooting scenarios and finish with case studies of customer cars,  demonstrating some of the unique issues and questions one might need to overcome and answer.

Performance Fuel Injection Systems is not a MegaSquirt-specific book but does speak from our experience. Many of the tuning software screenshots and other references/images will be HIGHLY recommended for anyone diving into a MegaSquirt project, and highly educational for someone diving into ANY EFI project. If you’re doing a MegaSquirt project, Performance Fuel Injection Systems serves as the perfect practical compliment to the product manual.