Oil Filter Console for Porsche 914-6 and -6 Conversions

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Our friends at "914-6 Werkshop" have come up with a custom machined oil filter console that's "perfect" for your 911, 914-6 or 914-6 conversion project.

These are the kits with the o-ring, filter, and hardware. They’ll fit the 65-73 911 oil tanks and all 914-6 oil tanks. The cool thing is it uses the newer version OC54 filter which was used on the later 74-89 911. The newer filters have the internal bypass spring which eliminates the gumming up of the mechanical bypass of the older OEM filter consoles! Some of these older consoles are magnesium and are severely pitted over time. Time to replace?

Great item for those looking to build a -6 conversion or just wanting to bring their 911 or 914-6 up-to-date a bit.