Oil Analysis Kit - SPEEDiagnostix (5 Day)

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Here's a great way to know what's happening in your engine or transmission. 

SPEEDiagnostix Standard Turnaround "used oil" analysis kits are all-inclusive, covering all laboratory analysis processing and detailed sample reporting with reference standards and calculated wear rates. Standard outbound and in-bound shipping is paid for, as well. Standard Turnaround analysis kits can provide results in five business days (for U.S. only).

SPEEDiagnostic kits include the following analysis testing:

  • FTIR Analysis: Provides a modern, accurate way to determine the remaining life of the oil. (FTIR replaces traditional TBN tests and offers much better insight into the health of the oil.)
  • Spectrometal Analysis: Used to determine type and quantity (in ppm) of wear, contaminants and additive metals in the oil. (The report will detail, in parts per million, the wear metals, contaminants, and additives in the sample.)
  • Viscosity Analysis: Indicates improper oil, oil oxidation, or contamination with another fluid

Each kit includes everything needed to collect and ship oil sample:

  • Unique ID carton
  • Unique ID sample bottle
  • Nitrile (non-latex) gloves
  • Instruction form
  • Pre-paid and addressed shipping box (USPS Priority Mail)
  • Pre-paid laboratory processing
  • Spectrometal Analysis: Parts per million of wear metals, contaminants, and additives in the sample
  • Kinematic viscosity of the oil sample at 100 degrees C
  • FTIR Analysis: Oxidation value of the oil sample