New! PMB Rear Pad Hardware Kits for Porsche 914-6 (1970-72)

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New PMB Performance DirectFit Pad Hardware Kits!

We made them all gang. From 356C and SC to esoteric 914-6/GT and SWB Wide L-Rear sets. We'll have all the springs, pins and clips to get you back up and running at a price you'll love. No more hunting around for crusty parts and riveting old springs back together.

This is a rear set for your classic 914-6.  You know what's cool about these kits?  No... not just the amazing price!!  These kits will have "Six" (6) pins!  4 of the pins will be the regular 914 rear thick/thin set and you'll get two bonus pins with the thick end but thin all the way through.  This way you'll never need to drill out the pads again!