New! PMB Front Pad Hardware Kits for Porsche 911S and 930 Models (1969-76+)

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New PMB PERFORMANCE DirectFit Pad Hardware Kits!

We made them all gang. From 356C and SC to esoteric 914-6/GT and SWB Wide L-Rear sets. We'll have all the springs, pins and clips to get you back up and running at a price you'll love. No more hunting around for crusty parts and riveting old springs back together.

This is a front set for your classic 911S and early 930 from 1969-76+.  The awesome S-Caliper began life as the Versuch (experimental) 908 caliper in 1967.  Race them on Sunday, Sell them on Monday. The street version, the S-Caliper, got a slightly more utilitarian pad hardware kit (this one) and it hit the streets with the mechanically fuel injected S models starting in 1969.  The early 930's also received this race derived caliper until the 1977 model year and the introduction of another race bred caliper, the stealth version of the RSR caliper... the 930 caliper.