New! PMB Front Pad Hardware Kits for Late Porsche 914-4 (1973-76)

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New PMB Performance DirectFit Pad Hardware Kits!

We made them all gang. From 356C and SC to esoteric 914-6/GT and SWB Wide L-Rear sets. We'll have all the springs, pins and clips to get you back up and running at a price you'll love. No more hunting around for crusty parts and riveting old springs back together.

This is a front set for your classic late 914-4.  When the 914 came out it had a somewhat unique suspension. With A-Arms and struts that were extremely similar to the contemporary 911's of the day.  The offset on the early 914 caliper was the same as the early 911 as well.  As "economies of scale" entered the scene with Porsche in the 70's, a later VW strut used on the 311 models made it's way on to the 914.  This IS the kit for your late 914-4. This is NOT the kit for the earl 1970-72 models.

BTDT Tip: Always check your specific vehicle.  914's have been modified over and over again.  Make certain you have the proper calipers on your car before ordering this kit.  Late calipers have two (2) bleeder valves and fasteners that terminate into the nose section of the caliper.  Early calipers have one (1) bleeder valve and through bolt fasteners.  

VIN Changeover Information: These calipers were on vehicles from 47229 19032 onward.