MegaSquirt-III MS3X Expansion Card & Connector Kit

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Put this small circuit board in your MegaSquirt-III to unlock its full potential! This board installs in the MS3 case with no soldering; just connect it with the included ribbon cables. Install the MS3X board to add this whole list of inputs and outputs to the MS3 ECU:

  • 8 Sequential fuel injection outputs. Each can drive a high impedance injector, and unused injection outputs can be put to other purposes.
  • 8 Logic level 5 volt ignition outputs. Works with many types of ignition modules and coils, including LSx coils and our IGN-1As. Requires exteranl module or coils with internal ignitors.
  • 6 Medium current outputs. Use for 2 stage progressive nitrous, boost control, tach output, 2 or 3 wire PWM idle speed control, general purpose PWM or relay control, or many other potential applications.
  • 3 Analog inputs. Use for an external MAP sensor, second O2 sensor, fuel pressure, accelerometer, or general data logging.
  • 4 Switch inputs. Can be used to start data logging, arm a nitrous system, switch tables, launch control, VSS input (with external conditioner), and more.
  • 1 Cam sensor input. Can be used with VR, Hall, or optical sensors.

The MS3X has all of these circuits on it, ready for you to wire up to your engine and use them. No mod kits, no setting up custom special order ECUs, just plug it in and configure TunerStudio to use the new outputs!

The MS3X is intended for use with the MS3 daughter card only.