Maxlite "Deep 6" Wheel for Porsche 356C, 911, 912, and 914 (1964-77)

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PMB Performance is proud to announce the addition of Switzerland's finest aftermarket Fuchs style wheels... Maxlite!

Maxlite "gets it".  It's more than just rims, they love these classic cars and it shows in their amazing attention to detail.  All Maxlite wheels are TÜV certified having attained the most stringent requirements of safety, quality, and sustainability. with an astounding 3-Year manufacturer's warranty!

This is another amazing "Cult Classic" that Maxlite nailed.  If you want to fit that 205 under your narrow bodied car, the legendary "Deep 6" is for you.  With original examples selling for $1,200.00 and up our friends at Maxlite did us a big favor with these!

Available in three classic finishes:

  • Early "Polished Paddle" Anodized Look
  • RSR "Frosted Paddle" Anodized Look
  • Later "Painted Paddle" Look
  • Fully Polished Look


  • Size: 6x15
  • Bolt circle: 5x130 mm
  • Offset: 36 mm
  • Center hole: 71.6 mm