Main Bearing #8 +.25/-.25 for Porsche 911 and 914-6 (1965-77)

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Main Bearing #8 +.25/-.25

#8 Main Bearing +.25 Case / -.25 Crank for 911, 911 Turbo Carrera, 914-6 thru 1977. These bearings are made from our own special alloy which is superior to the original in many ways. Unlike the originals, our special alloy contains no harmful lead and does not require the “flash lead” plating (dull gray coating that rubs off) that the originals need to prevent galling. These are very precisely CNC machined in our facility to closer than factory prescribed tolerances and then painstakingly de-burred by hand. You just can’t buy a better bearing, anywhere.

Replaces: 90110113873 901.101.138.73 901-101-138-73