M8 x 1.25 Bleeder Valve

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Let's face it, you're bleeders are trashed.  That's why you're looking at this page.  After a while, these bleeders basically become "one" with the caliper as rust seeps in and takes over. 

Solution: New M8x1.25 bleeders.  Well... that and the fact that you're going to promise yourself that you will change your brake fluid every year (at least).  This way you can monitor the condition of your bleeder valves and, you can get new ones when needed (comeon... they're cheap insurance).

Bleeder Tip:  When attempting to remove your old bleeders, DO NOT use a 7mm open end wrench.  Use either a 6-sided closed end or a deep well 6-sided 7mm socket (careful, most deep well 7's are not deep enough to handle the bleeder nipple).  If none of these tools are available or work, use our favorite... a MAPP torch and a really nice pair of Vise-Grips.  Tighten down the Vise-Grips as tight as you can on the bleeder and slowly apply pressure until it breaks loose.  Don't man-handle it or you will have a $50.00 bleeder repair on your hands.