Late Rubber Package for Porsche 914 (1973-76)

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If you're looking to restore or even repaint your 914 we have four little words for you... "just-buy-this-kit".  Not only will you save a ton of money (hey, $400 might get you a tank of gas these days!) but you'll have "at hand" all of the seals you'll need to complete the job.  No more looking, ordering, waiting for that box to arrive for that seal you forgot. It'll all be right there and ready to go. 

When we send a car off for paint, we get this kit.

This kit is for the 1973-76 model years. So what is the difference?

  • Window Scraper seals are upgraded and come with a small felt stripping to help the rubber not catch on the window.
  • End door caps. If your car has small rubber end door caps this is the rubber package for you. If you have large hard plastic end door caps you will need the Early Rubber Package.

NOTE: These rubber packages are not pre-packaged but pulled by order. Please allow extra time to fulfill.

Kit Includes: 

  • 2x Female Wiper Shaft Rubber Bushing
  • 2x Male Wiper Shaft Rubber Bushing
  • 2x Parking Brake Rear Sealing Sleeve
  • 2x Rear Trunk Roof Latch Cup
  • 2x Engine Deck Lid Buffer
  • 26x 8 mm Interior Screw Cover
  • 1x Door Handle Gasket Set
  • 2x Front Trunk Drain Tubes
  • 1x Late Air Inlet Seal Kit
  • 1x Engine Deck Lid Edge Protection
  • 1x Engine Deck lid Seal
  • 1x Engine Deck Lid Welting
  • 6x Headlight Eyebrow Grommet
  • 2x Fender to Cowl Seal
  • 9x Front Trunk Nose Panel Plug
  • 1x Front Trunk Seal
  • 2x Front Turn Signal Boot
  • 2x Front Turn Signal Seal
  • 1x Inner Door Seal Set
  • 1x Late Door End Cap Set (L & R)
  • 1x Lower Front Targa Seal
  • 1x Mirror Base Gasket
  • 1x Main Targa Seal
  • 1x Late Outer Window Scraper Seal w/Fuzzy Set
  • 1x Outer Door Seal Set
  • 1x Rear Main Trunk Seal
  • 2x Front/Rear Trunk Bulkhead Seal
  • 2x Rear Shock Tower Rubber Covers
  • 1x Rear Trunk Lock Gasket
  • 1x Rubber Rear Targa Seal with Fuzzy
  • 2x Side Marker Boot
  • 2x Side Marker Lens Seal
  • 1x Tail Light Gasket Set
  • 1x Targa Top to Window Seal Set (L &R)
  • 1x Vertical Targa Seal Set (L &R)
  • 1x Windshield to Dash Cosmetic Strip